Soul Journey

Robin Restored

Today I journeyed to a place so sweet, where I was surrounded by a magnificent glow.  Laying softly in my chaise, my blanket warmed my body and my mind began to calm. My breathing became the rhythm of a soft tide, rolling in, then pulling out.  The more I became aware of the soft cool feeling of my healing inward breath, the more the warm exhale allowed my mind to clear.  As I lay there so deeply relaxed and content, I began to journey.  The mind now clear, I saw a brilliant light in the far distance. With every calm cycle of breath, the light gracefully floated towards me.  As it grew near I felt this wave of love rush through my body.  I then noticed that I had traveled to the light which now surrounded me.  It was so bright the glittering warmed the space and I felt so…

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