Bringing balance back to my life to restore joyful, healthy, happy living. Working on ways to share how to bring life in balance and providing inspiration to follow you purpose. Living in love and light.

Our Past Tales

Our Past Tales – The Bicycle Story As a child I had a profound feeling that I wanted to help those that had less or were treated as less.  Today I am recalling a time when my neighbor told me she was spit upon by boys one block over, every day, on the way to […]



This week was very challenging.  I work constantly and consciously to see the beauty in all things, however from Sunday to today I felt pulled off center.  I was so connected to life and love a week ago today, and then last Sunday, a simple text set me off track to an old place that […]


Soul Journey

Today I journeyed to a place so sweet, where I was surrounded by a magnificent glow.  Laying softly in my chaise, my blanket warmed my body and my mind began to calm. My breathing became the rhythm of a soft tide, rolling in, then pulling out.  The more I became aware of the soft cool […]


Beauty in the bungalow

December 26, 2017 Today is my third day visiting my youngest daughter Kate in Hawaii.  The first two days, including Christmas and my 54th birthday, where sunny with bright blue skies and beautiful billowing puffy white clouds.  We visited beaches, went snorkeling, hiked and walked on sacred ground.  I saw sea turtles, eels, frogs with […]



I am blessed to have many women in my life that were able to enjoy their creative powers.  Both of my grandmothers were artist.  Margaret (maternal grandmother) started creating early in her life and made acrylic paintings and sculptures.  Hilda (paternal grandmother) started art in her senior years and mainly painted portraits of family members.  […]


Angel Wings

Angel Wings~ When my mind is free of fear and my heart is full of gratitude, I feel as though wings will explode from my shoulder blades then gently unfold. Not small dainty wings, but big full feathered wings of an angel. And I will fly high above the earth and my heart will flood […]