FAMILY visits

As quickly as they came, it seems that they have gone. Yet lovingly their energy lingers.  Their laughter swirls through the kitchen and hallway, and their tears have dried on the pillow.  Artwork abounds in my office space. The sketch of a treehouse designed by an adventurous five-year-old, and the pink and purple doodles of three-year-old Mae.  Toddler toys found under the chair and the tweezers that removed the splinter from that precious little foot left sitting on my counter.  In younger years I would have made quick work to clean up and “get back to normal” after a family visit.  But now, I just want to absorb the air of laughter, wander through the house enjoying the remnants of their stay.  Reflecting on the conversations, lessons learned, and joyful laughter.  I smile as I curl up on the couch and find a little red bow between the cushions.  I place it in my hair and recall the joy of brushing their hair and conversing about our day.  I cried as they drove away.  Tears of the blessing to have had them here at all, and some of missing their physical presence here in our home.  Graciously life is providing me a new spirit of being.  Life can be messy and beautiful at the same time.  My family as teachers, I feel renewed abundance in understanding that perfection is allowing life in at every moment, and not always trying to clean it up. 

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  1. dawn

    I love your story telling. As I read it I am visualizing every moment. As a women without children & grandchildren I can still feel the blessings, the joy and the family teachings. Keep up the good work and thank you for the emotions. xo

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