I feel as if I blinked my eyes and she appeared.  Though there was so much more to it than that.  It was an adventure through memories of fear, joy and indescribable realms of emotions.  A journey digging in deep dark roots, then over sunny grass covered hills, and then through a valley of torched desires.  The passage left me wilted so I found support up against an old tree.  I gazed up at its ancient limbs that stretched up to the sun, and smiled at the shimmering light surrounding the leaves.  The space between myself and that magical light felt infinite and profoundly connected.  Its presence urging me to surrender my past expectations, I closed my eyes and for the first time, felt the serenity of just being.

Years passed before I opened my eyes, but I did, and with that blink of an eye she appeared before me.  That magical light that I witnessed glowing in the leaves surrounded her.  She stood there full of love and unashamed, smiling with arms reaching for me.  The anxiety of leaving my past behind vanished as I stepped into her light and realized my journey had only begun.

Robin Restored 1

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