This week was very challenging.  I work constantly and consciously to see the beauty in all things, however from Sunday to today I felt pulled off center.  I was so connected to life and love a week ago today, and then last Sunday, a simple text set me off track to an old place that I truly thought I had let go.  That place of feeling not good enough, doubting my self-worth or even deserving to be loved.  I saw a picture of myself that displeased me so that I hated it.  Then I instantly hated me for not loving myself in that moment. I am a precious soul.  Deserving not to be judged even by myself.  A family text today pulled me out of the wallow.  My daughters are all brilliant lights of love and though they know not of my self-loathing behavior this week, they are so connected to life and love, that their collective insight called me back to myself.  A simple walk, barefoot in the wet grass, butterfly swirling my body, reclaimed my appreciation of self, soul, love, light……………life is not always easy, but as we hurt we can grow, we can blossom, we can become wiser, strong, and deeper loving people.

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