Soul Journey

Today I journeyed to a place so sweet, where I was surrounded by a magnificent glow.  Laying softly in my chaise, my blanket warmed my body and my mind began to calm. My breathing became the rhythm of a soft tide, rolling in, then pulling out.  The more I became aware of the soft cool feeling of my healing inward breath, the more the warm exhale allowed my mind to clear.  As I lay there so deeply relaxed and content, I began to journey.  The mind now clear, I saw a brilliant light in the far distance. With every calm cycle of breath, the light gracefully floated towards me.  As it grew near I felt this wave of love rush through my body.  I then noticed that I had traveled to the light which now surrounded me.  It was so bright the glittering warmed the space and I felt so safe.  My body supported by the light, I continued my journey where ahead I saw a shimmering figure so beautiful and radiant.  Love flowed between this figure and I and I asked no questions.  With amazement I was suddenly watching a baby being birthed and the brilliant shimmering light surrounding the baby through the process.  This radiant glow now began to swirl through the cord and filled the baby with an amazing illumination that was so stunning, tears rolled down my face.  The baby pushed through her mom and as I watched her take in her first breath my attention instantaneously was drawn inward.  My heart soft and my mind open, I could feel that the beautiful illumination was deep inside of me.  Fascinated by this awareness I explored further and soon recognized that this amazing journey had brought me to where I first began.  To a place where my mind, body and soul joined together.  Joy filled every part of me with a warm tingly sensation and slowly and sweetly I found myself resting again, in comfort on my chaise.   As I opened my eyes and stretched my limbs, I recognized that I was smiling.  Not just on my face but from deep within.  For on this kindled journey I experienced infinite love for myself, my soul.  This reunification and awareness paved a new path. It gave me permission and promise to love myself deeply and feel safe in this body.  For inside me there is a brilliance that loves, provides and connects me to God.   Today I went on a soul journey……………..

robin lynn Baby Robin Lynna

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