Beauty in the bungalow

December 26, 2017

Today is my third day visiting my youngest daughter Kate in Hawaii.  The first two days, including Christmas and my 54th birthday, where sunny with bright blue skies and beautiful billowing puffy white clouds.  We visited beaches, went snorkeling, hiked and walked on sacred ground.  I saw sea turtles, eels, frogs with green dotted backs, dolphin and a whale spout.  Today came a storm which offered us a day to rest. While everyone slept in, I sat on her small porch and watched the tropical world outside her door step and reveled in the sound of the rain and hundreds of birds singing their story. During the day Kate and I learned how to meditate with a singing bowl which offers vibration healing, listened to guided meditation and ate lunch harbor side as the rain splashed in the water.  Back at her home which is snuggled in a valley with lush tropical plants surrounding her bungalow, Kate gave me another special gift – a bath!  Our new home offers many benefits of downsizing, however a bath is not one of them.  I love a good bath and this was one of the best I have ever had. It was not in a huge soaking tub and there were no air jets or bubbles.  Kate had prepared the room by smudging and burning incense, surrounding the tub with energized crystals, placed essential oils (rose and lotus) and salts in the water, lit a candle and left me a cup of goddess tea.  I soaked in the love and breathed in fragrances as I melted into relaxation.  Sipping tea in the candlelight I heard thunder in the distance and rain drenching the lush soil.  My heart spoke and my mind found a place of self-love, joy and peace with the girl I was, the women I have been, she who I am now and that which I will grow to be.  As I write I feel connected to the earth and wrapped in love.  I am grateful for life, my family and motherhood.  Restoring balance is not always an easy task, but much joy can be found in the journey if you are willing to walk that path.  This year I have been working on becoming more connected.  There was something about this day that solidified that I am connected within and becoming more aware of love in all things.  My desires in life are changing and I thirst more for joy in experiences than in material possessions.  Kate is an amazing woman. Thank you for my sweet bath and profound connection.

bathbungalow 2.jpg

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