I am blessed to have many women in my life that were able to enjoy their creative powers.  Both of my grandmothers were artist.  Margaret (maternal grandmother) started creating early in her life and made acrylic paintings and sculptures.  Hilda (paternal grandmother) started art in her senior years and mainly painted portraits of family members.  My mom wrote poems when we were young and played the guitar and sang.  All three of these women have passed, and as I think back I wonder if anyone ever affirmed how their creativity was powerful.  I wish I had known then to express to them how Hilda’s paintings of me and my daughter Jessica made me feel more connected to her, and that watching Margaret paint in her beautiful home, with light filling the room gave me a vision of what I would long to do someday, and my mother’s song and stories gave me a powerful sense of comfort.    She is poem my mom wrote in 1974.  The painting is by my daughter Kate who at a very young age is extremely creative.  I recall her saying that this painting represented connection to the earth, water and universe. Marrying my mother and daughter’s creativity, to me, expresses the importance of womanhood and a reminder to each of us to love where and who we at this moment.  KSC Water Sun Air Donna Poem.jpg

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