I love the Moon~

Selenophile (n.) – a person who loves the moon.

I love the Moon! Ever since I was a little girl, I relished staying up late at night and gazing at the moon and stars and all that was happening in Suburbia. I had the best room in the house, a south-west facing window overlooking the neighborhood. From my room I enjoyed both sun and moon rises and settings. The sky and sea have always held me as their captive audience.

Last night I delighted in a full moon ritual where I performed a smudging for Dan and I and burned both of our lists of what we are ready to release or let go of. I burned sage and incense and played music. Some of my “let go’s” were fear of not being good enough, fear of not lowering my blood pressure, fear of not getting fit and worry regarding my finances if I change my employment. Pretty heaving, but honestly today I feel lighter and ready to move on. I share my “let-go’s” to connect with others that might feel the same but not wanting to face it. You really need to acknowledge it before you can let it go. While the Full Moon is great time to let-go, the New Moon is building. I will begin to journal and list that which I desire to manifest, as the New Moon presents growth and manifesting abilities.  Preparation for such events provides both introspective and self-awareness.

When I gaze at the Moon I feel at peace. I also feel hopeful and joyous. Good night, sleep tight…. I am a Selenophile.

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