What’s in a name~

From December 2016 Writings

My mom named me after the Robin bird.  I was born on Christmas Day and many thought I should be named Joy, Noel, Nicole or similar. My mom had read a poem (I wish I knew the exact one) that spoke about the cheerful Robin bird that fanned the embers where baby Jesus lay in the manger to re-stoke the fire.  In the process the Robin was burned slightly and Mary said that from that point forward the Robin would be red breasted showing the courage and kindness of heart.

There are other stories of the Robin’s protective instinct and assisting other by signaling nearby predators with beautiful song. Another aspect of the Robin that I connect with is the adaptive ability to nest.  To that end, I have been going through a change in nest.  Life finds me at the downsizing road.  Eager to become financially stable, restructuring and restoring my life.

I am in the process of selling the house that has been in our family since 1967 and purchasing a smaller home.

This blog will be specific to restoring balance.  In addition to downsizing my home, my health, financial status, job satisfaction and social life requires attention.  During this process I hope to help others through blogging ideas, experiences, humor, helpful resources or just recording my life so that others might connect or be inspired.  My life to this point has required some courage and I have always worked to counter the darker points with kindness and cheerful song.  It is time to lift my wings, sing my song and take flight to my higher purpose.  Join me!

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